Leaving your legacy, making a difference in the World

Leaving a legacy is often more about being remembered, than making a succession plan for your money. During our exploration sessions we touch upon what would be a meaningful life for our clients, and as we explore our impermanence on the planet we often uncover a desire to make a positive contribution in the World. Our vision can sometimes be about making the World a better place for future generations. You would not be alone, if this was your heart-felt goal. And, with technology one person can today make a difference without financial obstacles stopping them.

5 steps to making a contribution to benefit you, your community and the wider global society.

1. Explore your unique gift

We all have something about us that is a unique gift or talent that could potentially benefit others, and for which we will long be remembered after we have gone. It is important to give some time in your day to think about your potential contribution, and just imagine if you had successfully delivered it to the World. Imagine how that would change things for future generations. Imagine how you would be remembered. Allow yourself to dream the dream, and for now don’t allow obstacles to stop your imagination from painting your picture of how things could be.

2. Expand your vision

Imagine if as a result of working on a plan for this your World contribution was delivered. How would that feel? What would this mean to you? Again, without letting Obstacles stop your thinking, start to paint in the details of your contribution. Think about what physically happens. Think about people being involved, who share your vision. Really expand upon and colour in your vision. Build upon it, write about it, research it. Pull together a few thoughts and notes and stay with it a while, maybe even a few weeks before your next step.

3. Handling obstacles

Only when your torch is truly lit by step 2 should you ask yourself this next question. If it’s not lit repeat step 2 some more. When you are ready, ask yourself about this World contribution being so great, so wonderful, so important to you, what could possibly be stopping you? Start to list out the Obstacles. Don’t try to solve them. If you feel demotivated during the listing process return to step 2 to re-light your fire, then come back to your list. When you have everything listed, start at the top. Ask yourself what strategies you have for tackling this obstacle. Note them all. Are there things you can do on your list of possible solutions? Would that fix it? Work down your list, not forgetting to return to step 2 as and when necessary. When you have completed your strategies, ask yourself what the outcome would be if you did these things?

4. Research the Knowledge

Step 3 will have produced many strategies where you perhaps don’t have the skills or knowledge. This is where your homework comes in. Search the internet, ask friends. Study potential solutions to support your strategies. When you are ready, move on to Step 5.

5. Execute your plan

You now should have a list of actions and simple steps to move you towards your World contribution. Make an action plan. Find someone, a friend, or family member, who will help you stick to your plan and encourage you as you work down your list. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements as you work down your actions.

Believe in yourself. Empower you to live a better life. This will benefit yourself, your community and the wider global society in general. You can make a positive and lasting change for the planet and in the daily lives of all its people.

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