Meaning and Money Seminar Harrogate 21 October 2014


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Embrace Life. Choose a Meaning & Money Seminar

When your life becomes increasingly meaningful and fulfilling, and that is more often your reality, helpful people will enter your life to guide you. As your passion for life rises, obstacles melt away, presenting you with the possibility of achieving your heart’s desires.

With Meaning & Money training, that’s the life you’ll awaken to, where thoughts and feelings navigate you on your path of purpose, lighting your torch of vigour along the way.

Where Meaning meets Money – the Spark of Life

What distinguishes people who live life to the full is they follow their heart’s true desires, intuition and gut instinct. And, simply, Meaning & Money is an approach to help you identify your true heart’s desires.

In the course of learning, you’ll encounter methods for listening to your inner-voice’s reasons for your being; your life of purpose, your calling or vocation.

Knowing your true heart’s desires can help you make better choices, feel at ease with your situation, and recognise when you are on the right track. As your familiarity with Meaning & Money develops, you’ll find that you’re doing what matters to you in life, guided by your heart, placing you in complete control of your finances. Every £1 spent is a vote for your true heart’s desires.

You’ll find yourself trusting your instincts more, making better decisions when it counts most. With great awareness, being able to find your path to a meaningful life becomes second nature. Meaning & Money can help you in this because it draws from one key principle, financial plans without meaning are meaningless.

Steve Conley – Meaning & Money Creator

It all began with Steve Conley. As head of investments at the Western World’s largest bank, Steve realised that there was more to life than money; a point often overlooked when everything around us is materialistic, and certainly rarely touched upon in personal finance conversations. Did anyone ever stop to ask you: “What will this financial transaction mean to you? Why are you doing it?”

Steve’s knowledge of Money as a financial expert and Meaning as a registered life planner gives him insights that are valuable for us all.

Steve developed Meaning & Money courses that place us on our own true path, where a meaningful life is fully supported by the financial resources we have at our disposal.

Graduates of Meaning & Money courses

Attending our seminars and workshops is more of an epiphany than a learning curve. Once you discover what your inner voice is telling you there can be no going back, the Genie is truly out of the bottle granting you wishes. Prepare yourself for a new paradigm in your life’s journey, now and in the years ahead as you learn to follow your heart.

“Know thyself, the unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates said this more than two thousand years ago.

  • Know yourself, examine life
  • Instantly know the best course of action as situations arise
  • Connect to your inner-compass as it navigates you on your life journey
  • Change your view of the world, and watch as the world changes around you
  • Make changes to yourself, and see your relationship with others flourish
  • Feel contented with life, no matter what life throws at you
  • Develop a presence that will inspire others
  • Acquire the edge you need to succeed in life

“Success is measured not by the height one attains, but by the obstacles one overcomes in its attainment.” –Booker T. Washington

The Meaning & Money Seminar, led by Steve Conley, will be a voyage of discovery with practical insights throughout, it will be fun too. It’s both entertaining and informative, and is layered with examples for transformation in your life, to your life of Meaning & Money.

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