Create Your Own Future!

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For example, you think you’ve been saving for a happy retirement; when the only one that will get one is your banker.

Create Your Own Sunshine!

Have you ever noticed? Humans have an amazing gift. Everyone has this ability to create and manifest in the world! WOW! 7 billion people, creating and manifesting. What for themselves? HELL NO! That would be chaos.

Humans create for the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power! This is being civilized!!

How do they do that then?

How would you do it?

Picture this. 250 years ago!

1.       I’d create something called MONEY. Print my promises to pay the bearer on worthless bits of paper and kill off the bartering economy. That’d put a stop to people creating for one another.

2.       Then I’d confiscate the common land with forced clearances around the world. Give the land to my friends and family and force commoners to pay to live on earth. Tell everyone they have to pay MONEY to live on Earth. That would put a stop to people creating for themselves.

3.       Then I’d set up creating farms in the main cities and round everyone up using the incentive of easy MONEY, people from rural areas – those that create their own stuff – and cram them in. I’d call global urbanisation ‘progress’. Then that will get loads of people creating my stuff. And, less creating their own. Anyone holding a dollar a month in their hand we can call ‘saved from poverty’, then point to these statistics to show everyone we are the good guys.

4.       But we wouldn’t want people catching on. So, I’d dumb them down at bit. Add stuff to their diets, water supply and air – stuff that we know will do the trick.

5.       Distract them a little. Get them fighting one another. We can even play the hero, saving them from those on the ‘other side’. It also has the side effect of enabling us to manage population, prevent piles of dead MONEY stacking up. When they’re not living in fear, we’ll entertain them, like the Romans did when they built the Coliseum.

6.       We’ll tag them at birth, give them a birth certificate. We’ll indoctrinate them in schools, rewarding compliance and memory for the farms. Use the certificate to know when they are ripe for the farm, give them a National Insurance number and from then on, tax them to live on earth. We’ll tax those contemplating developing critical thinking, with thirty years of crippling tuition fee debt. OK. So, one in six will fall by the wayside. We’ll hire some of them to police, the rest we’ll give addictive substances to, call them our enemy and make their life hell.

7.       OK. So, we need to fool them into thinking they’re free. Tell them they live in a democracy. Give them a couple of our boys to choose from. We can then blame the general consensus of indoctrinated citizens should anything go wrong.

8.       To make sure they don’t find out about us or the Secret, we’ll buy up all the mainstream media. Publish the distracting stories. Ridicule anyone who looks like they’re waking up from the stuff we feed them.

9.       Let’s not forget. We want them to create for us. So, we’ll set that goal for them. If you ever hear anyone suggesting otherwise, get shot of them fast. We’ll define normal. The goals is: give us your best 50 years on the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16. 

10.   It’s going to be tough as they begin to wake up and notice the destruction of the planet. We’ll use our media to deny it, threaten to remove our tax farms, get people fighting over it. Denial, doubt, distraction, delay. That should do it.

How would you find freedom?

Well I know the Secret. That’s easy. We are creators of our own manifestations. It wouldn’t be chaos if we did it. It would be a Golden Civilization, as my friend George Kinder puts it in “A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness.”

This is how I would do it:

1.       Help one another. Barter. Become more self-sustainable. Go green. Grow your own. Detox my wallet. Use money less.

2.       Use what little land you know to best effect. Respect Earth. She is our Mother, care for her. Connect with her to ground yourself. Land ownership is mental. That is, it is another bit of paper. The ruler stole it. The new ‘owner’ created greatly for the ruler for the paper and is protected by the ruler in return. Don’t be wedded to property ownership by the general populous of indoctrinated citizens.

3.       With technology, our businesses can become virtual. We can return to the place of our hearts. We no longer need the city farms.

4.       We can choose not to eat, drink and breathe that stuff. The less touched the better!

5.       We are one. Not just one species. We are made up of the same stuff as other species, the planet and each other. We share breath. We share spirit. We share the planet.

6.       Yes, we’re chipped at birth. But that doesn’t stop us from recognizing the diversity of gifts we and our children have. All gifts have a useful purpose, and we were given the gifts so that we can serve others. Gifts are intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. Use your gift to heal a small part of world grief. That’s your legacy.

7.       Every unit of currency you spend or invest is a very powerful vote for the change you want to see in the world! Choose wisely.

8.       Today, we have access to uncensored information via the internet. Use it. Your spirit is your intuitive guide. You will know intuitively the truth from the untruth. Your heart will tell you. Stay informed.

9.       Set your own goals. Always! Be the architect of your own life. Be the player, not the pawn.

10.   Find your truth. Breakthrough. Transform. Know the Secret. You are a creator. So, create a life you love. Create the change you wish to see in the world. Create your legacy.

Sounds easier said than done.

No, it’s easier done than said.

Remember, it’s harder to convince someone that they’ve been fooled rather than to fool.

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The Full Secret of Creation to Manifestation

There are four states of human existence:

Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit


Spirit: Intuitive nudges, believing in our thoughts, imagination of the possible, inspired thought that you can trust. Then there is the journey from creation to an altered state, a state of inspiration. This is the setting of inspiring goals.

Heart: Feelings. Emotions. Feeling good. Being happy. Feeling joy. Inner seeing. When you visualise you materialise? Secret moves to actions.

Body: Instincts. You ground the vision. You act upon it to receive. We begin put in place the Means in our material world.

Mind: Thoughts. You ask you intend it. Speak of it. You Execute. You manifest the end result.

We are creators. Spirit: Intuit and believe, Heart: feel, Body: act, Mind: think … this is how we manifest our creation.

This is The Secret. The Law of Attraction. They thought it went back 2,000 years. It goes back 14,000 years in Shinto, the ancient philosophy of Japan. They call it the ‘natural cycle from creation to manifestation’. I believe from the drawings on the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and Tibet that it goes back 26,000 years to Atlantis. Here they divided communities based on the natural cycle from creation to manifestation.

We see it in neuroscience. Spirit is frontal cortex where we judge right from wrong. Left brain is relationship and heart. Posterior cortex governs our body. Left brain our intellect and mind. North. East. South. West. Scientists have proved today what mankind has known for over 26,000 years!

This is the creative process known as the ‘natural cycle from creation to manifestation’. This is the Secret. This is the full and authentic secret that the elite don’t want us to know.

Mind. Thoughts and words are powerful. What we think about we bring about. So, be in the attitude of gratitude for what we have. And, speak about what we intend to be.

If you’ve been in the mind, you will go there in the body. But first it requires belief (spirit) and feeling (heart).

Habituate your way of being.

Take the concept of over-population. There isn’t overpopulation. Everyone on the plant, all seven billion plus, could fit in the City of Coventry. What we’re seeing is urbanisation on the planet over the past 250 years by the controlling elite. Most now live in cities. All now need money to live.


Where the elite have confiscated lands and forced the population into cities to work to live. The only species to pay to live on earth is homo sapiens.

There’s enough for everyone.

If all the money was divided by all the people, we would all be millionaires.  But if everyone consumed what the average person consumes, we would need four planets. The problem isn’t over-population or over-consumption. The problem is needless consumption of the scarce resource of our planet.

Mother’s ability to provide for the insatiable hunger of mankind is driven by the consensus of popular indoctrinated opinion. Who indoctrinate? The elite!

We are parasitic and extractive in nature, when we were born to be productive caretakers. When we know that the Universe (God) provides, the world will know peace.

I want you to connect with your intuitive body (Spirit). I want you to conceive a goal that is so big it blows your mind.

Tony Robbins said: “People aren’t inherently lazy, they just fail to set inspiring goals.”

Oprah Winfrey said: ” Goals should be set from Spirit!”

In Spirit, inspire!

When you’re in debt, as 60% of the population are, don’t think about debt. Set up a debt repayment plan then think about prosperity. Don’t be a debt slave to the elite.

When you’re in a job you hate, don’t think about the job you hate. Hating Mondays, loving Fridays for 50 years on the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16 years. The time when you serve no economic purpose. Be free. Now.

Think about gratitude, for what it is about what you do that you love.

For what you have.

Then think about the job you love.

And, start doing it.

35% of the population are wage slaves.

Only 5% are financially free!

Life is meant to be abundant in all areas. Mind. Body. Heart. Spirit. It shouldn’t be a choice of Your Money, or Your Life!

Having outer things doesn’t guarantee what we really want … which is happiness.

The order is Spirit, Heart, Body, Mind. In the natural cycle from creation to manifestation, go for the inner things (Spirit and Heart) first … then the outer things appear (Body and Mind).

We are the creators of our Universe. And, every wish is the Universe’s command.

Take relationship. Love yourself until you overflow. Then you attract love.

Love yourself.

In relationship, only focus on what you appreciate about the other person for 30 days. Appreciate daily.

Your joy, your bliss, lies within you!

What you resist persists!

If you’re anti-establishment become pro-freedom!

Be informed by what’s going on in the world, but don’t be inundated. There are enough problems in the world to go around. We all have our part of world grief to heal. Let others heal where your gifts and talents do not lie.

Energy flows where attention goes. This time, is the first time in history that we have been able to gain knowledge at our fingertips. Now is the time.

You are the designer of your story. You are the author. You are the architect.

Don’t think ‘I’m not’. For every single ‘I’m not’ is a creation.

We’re unlimited beings, we have no ceiling.

Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Your purpose is what you say it is … it’s what part of world grief you were born to heal. Your mission is what you give yourself.

Follow your bliss. This is the lighthouse that guides you.

Be the best you can be.

Be who you were ‘Born to Be’.

Everything you have been through was the perfect preparation for this moment right now!

We are all creators. Intuit and believe, feel, act, think … this is how we manifest our creation.

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Emma’s Story: Being who you were born to be.

Act 1: The Problem

Have you ever had to put on a brave face to the outside world? On the outside you are successful, materially and intellectually; but on the inside, you are spiritually and emotionally suffering? Have you ever felt like that?

Nov 2016. Emma is with her Brother Simon in Costa Coffee, Edgeware London.

 “Emma, the thing is,” Simon says. “You have to stop bringing messages through from Mother. It’s been almost ten years now. It has to stop. Me and Dad are really worried about you. You’re an accountant. You’ve got a successful practice. But this psychic stuff. It makes you look crazy. Look I know you’re in a bad place right now. We think you should get some help.”

“I can’t believe you would say that,” replies Emma. “It’s who I am. You guys just have to accept it. I really don’t know how things are going to work out. But. You don’t understand. I can’t be someone who I’m not. I can’t carry on like that.”

Have you ever been there? Where it’s really difficult to live true to yourself, when those around you want you to live according to their view of the world. Well, that’s where Emma was that day.

To business associates, family and old friends she was Emma the accountant. To a few creative friends she was Emma the psychic. Two faces, to two very different worlds. Neither understanding the other.

Act 2: The Journey

Have you ever put off from being just you? Denying that you can show your true identity to the world? Distracted, by changing masks depending on who you talk to? Doubting that it can be any different? Emma was no different.

Dec 2016. Emma is attending a personal development event in Grenada, Caribbean, with her boyfriend Skins the photographer. A speaker is Steve Conley. Steve spoke about the need to be all of who we are in life and business.

Emma managed to catch up with Steve on the beach the next day. “I’m an accountant,” Emma tells Steve. “But also, I’m a psychic. Would it be OK if I did a reading for you?”

“That’s incredible!” replies Steve. “I’ve never met a psychic accountant before. That’s so unique. You are simply amazing. That’s my point, we must align our gifts and talents to be who we are born to be in the world. You’re a perfect example.”

Emma hadn’t been told before that she was incredible, amazing and a perfect example, when she was just being herself. She asked Steve to help her be all of who she was born to be. Emma had made her decision. She would be The Holistic Accountant.

The people whose company you keep can make all the difference when you are looking for personal growth. Would you agree?

Act 3: The Transformation

It wasn’t easy …

Firstly, her accounting body wouldn’t show her as she was. Airbrushing out her red hair, tattoos and piercings for the picture on the cover story in their magazine. Ironically titled, ‘Go Your Own Way’!

To Emma’s friends and family, she was being crazy. At times only her coach, Steve, was there to support her on her challenging journey.

Emma had her money tied up in bricks and mortar; Society tells you to own property; like so many people, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that the best investment we can make in life is often the investment we make in ourselves.

The breakthrough came when she sold her apartment in Edgeware. This gave Emma the financial freedom she needed to invest in herself.

Then Emma moved to California.

She attended courses. She met and lived amongst amazing like-minded people. Like Mike Dooley, author of the Secret. “Thoughts become things!”

Emma published her first book. The Little Book of Holistic Accounting.

Emma made her Accounting practice virtual, so she could grow it in London whilst living in LA. She rebranded. Raising the Vibe. She would do a reading for the business owner, then do their accounts.

Emma ran and co-hosted live events, living in California, with people who appreciated her. She had become the celebrity she never thought she could be. She loves her life. Just by being, all of who she was born to be.

No matter what people think of you, be who you were born to be!


Born to Be

Steve Conley’s GAME Plan Generator

Are You Busy Doing Nothing?

How much is it costing you to stay just as you are? Financially? Quality of life?

Question: Are you using all of your skills and talents to earn a living? Or are you too busy earning a living, to earn a life?

Consider this. Do you have skills and talents going to waste? The general populous of indoctrinated citizens maybe told you way back in time to ignore them, because you’d never make any money at that? And, you should get a proper job just like everyone else?

Are you living an ordinary life? Being ordinary at what you do? Bringing in ordinary money?

Are you extraordinary at something that you enjoy and could be doing for a living? Could you be living an extraordinary life? Could you be bringing in extraordinary money?

If you have asked yourself these questions, then you are probably thinking that there could be a case for change. Particularly now with the internet making it so much easier for extraordinary people to make money.

Life changing decision.

Let’s face it, average life expectancy is 979 months in the UK and many of those are behind you. Surely, you wouldn’t want to do something ordinary from the age of 16 to 66, on the bet that you can buy yourself an extraordinary last 16 years?

According to author Bronnie Ware, the number one regret of the dying is living as others expect you to live and not living true to yourself.

Dalai Lama said what surprised him most about mankind is that we live as if we are never going to die, then die having never really lived.

How would you go about changing?

I’m sure you would agree, that like any journey, you would need a vehicle, system, or solution.

Where would you find one. What are the options for changing Your Money, and Your Life?

Six hours with a life coach at £100 per hour then ten hours with a financial coach at £150 per hour? £2,100 once a year?

Financial coaches see people with over £100,000. According to Office National Statistics that excludes 95% of the population. Financial coaches tend to sell you products with ongoing charges of at least 0.5% for them and 0.5% for an active fund manager. If you could do it yourself that could save you 1% per annum. On £100,000 that’s a £1,000 saving per annum.

Also, what matters most to customers seems to matter least to financial coaches, according to PR firm Edelman. That is, Trust. Let’s face it, the best place to find a hand you can trust is at the end of your own arm.

The fact is … if you are doing an ordinary job, bringing in ordinary money, then you may be like the majority of people.

ONS say 60% have less than £5,000 in savings, or no savings. That’s two pay cheques from the breadline. That’s like wage slavery, too scared to step off the treadmill of work existence.

Average debt is over £10,000 per household. Interest rates of at least 10% if your credit score is good, 30% if it’s poor. Over 100% if it’s a payday loan or overdraft. That’s like debt slavery.

Have you ever felt like cattle on some giant tax farm?


Cost of Doing It Yourself

Cost                                                                       Free

Savings available:                                             per annum

                Improve credit score                       £2,000

                Debt free                                             £1,000

                Adviser product free                       £1,000

                Adviser free                                       £2,100

                Total savings                                      £6,100


                Extraordinary income                     ?

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