How To Navigate Happiness: A low-cost approach that everyone can afford

HapNav provides a cashflow baseline for every user to just set up and take away on their own for a few years.

“Growth forward is made possible by the feeling of being safe, of operating out into the unknown from a safe home port, of daring because retreat is possible.”

– Richard Barrett, A new psychology of human well-being.

Do you want to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

Do you want to be happy?

Here’s the thing …

If you cannot take care of yourself and your loved ones, it won’t be easy to be happy.

We feel anxious and fearful when we cannot meet our deficiency needs. Those needs are to have enough money, to be loved, and to be recognised. Once our deficiency needs are met, we no longer pay much attention to them. We can start to focus on the pursuit of happiness.

An advice-only financial plan must meet our deficiency needs and our growth needs.

This article concerns planning to meet survival needs, have enough money, and not outlive your capital. Our other articles explain how to plan for well-being in the other areas.

When you have little to no savings, you need to plan to make money. Advice-only financial planners show you how to make money, whereas old-school financial planners show you how to save money you’ve already made.

If you have little or no savings, old-school financial planners will not be interested in talking to you as they cannot figure out how you will pay their fees.

That is because they can only plan one person at a time. And their time costs money. A lot of money. And you can’t afford them. And in any case, they’ve only got plans to save money you’ve already made to tap into for their fees. So, you can’t even go there.

Advice-only financial planners cost the same as old-school financial planners. The difference is they can plan groups of people. They can even create learning content for you to download and distance learning for thousands of people. This type of financial planning is accessible to all at a fraction of the price.

Because they can do this, the advice-only financial planners can show people with little or no savings how to make money.

All you need is fintech. We have that for you. Plus, the advice-only financial planner is the facilitator.

Old school financial planning fintech doesn’t work for the mass market. It is planner-centric, planning people one by one. Plus, it isn’t straightforward.

Advice-only financial planning fintech works for the mass market. It is user-centric, simple to use and links to Open Banking for accuracy and ease of updating.

Currently, there is only one customer-directed Open Banking-powered financial planning application in the market. And that’s HapNav, the Happiness Navigator. Available exclusively through the Academy of Life Planning for £6.99 per month, with a free 30-day trial at

You don’t have to be an Academy member to use it. Everyone can access it.

How do you use HapNav to remove fear and anxiety about running out of money?

First, enter all your financial data. Don’t worry. No one will see this data but you. It’s user centred. Planners don’t get to see it unless you want them to. So, no pushy salespeople are going to contact you. And you do not need to be embarrassed about your financial situation. Only you will know.

If you have a low probability of achieving your goals, you can ask HapNav to “fix it” or come up with some of your ideas with “what-if” scenario functionality.

If unsure how you can attend a HapNav class run by your advice-only financial planner.

If you want extra money, your advice-only financial planner will provide you with a workbook. It’s called your Ikigai Proposition Development Framework. Ikigai is Japanese for “reason for being”. Ikigai projects and side-hustles are a pretty effective way of growing your wealth.

The total cost of a book and three workbooks is £28.50 (including international postage and packaging). This programme will give you everything for your deficiency needs planning, and your growth desires planning.

Your advice-only financial planner will offer you many free materials and tutorials. Still, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to groups or one-to-one work for dealing with particularly tricky financial situations.

Using the materials and HapNav, you can identify a favourite future where you are no longer fearful and anxious about money.

From this point, you can navigate happiness using HapNav to track progress.

We see this planning as the future for all generations.

We think this is much needed in today’s society.

David Harper, a clinical psychologist at the University of East London, puts it this way:

“Evidence shows that a major contributor to serious emotional distress is income inequality – the growing gap between the richest and poorest people. To increase happiness, we need firm action on inequality.”

To recap, the total cost of the done-by-you programme is £28.50 plus £6.99 per month.

You can purchase the book, pack, and app from our Shop.

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By joining the Academy of Life Planning, old-school advisers can become advice only financial planners.

The Live Longer Better Plan

Do you want to live longer better?

Are you ready to choose a better life from today?

Where are you now?

Maybe you haven’t found that inspiring reason to spring out of bed on a Monday morning.  You live as others expect you to live and not true to yourself. You lack self-knowledge and true direction. And live for the weekend.

Perhaps you have not kept in touch with friends and family, you feel there is too much unsaid that needs to be said and feel under invested in your relationships and social bubble.

Possibly you haven’t been looking after yourself as you should. Not taking enough exercise, and not paying enough attention to your diet.

Potentially you are overly stressed, working too hard, and not allowing yourself to be happy. Or you are bored, underachieving and lacking in stimulating challenges.

Maybe your fear of financial insecurity is holding you back.

What brings you to read this?

Picture this. You discover your reason for being. An inspiring path of purpose, living true to yourself that creates your legacy.

Here you have a lovely and supportive social bubble.

Imagine this. You are fit and active expecting to live to a ripe old age in good health.

What if you learn new skills, enjoy a good work-life balance, and allow yourself to be happy?

Here, you enjoy financial freedom for life.

If health challenges and financial insecurity is where you are, and wealth and wellbeing is where you want to be then I’m sure you would agree. You need a vehicle, system, or solution to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Good. That’s the Live Longer Better Plan.

Why is living longer better important?

You deserve to live longer better. You must treat yourself as equally important as others. If you don’t place the Oxygen mask on yourself first, you may be unable to help others to live longer better.

Why now?

Whatever condition you are in regarding your health and finances, there is a gap between your performance and potential. Do nothing and performance in wealth and wellbeing deteriorates. By acting today, you can bridge that gap. With knowledge, activity, and a little luck on our side we each have the potential to live for 90 years in good health, without outliving our capital.

Why us?

In modern society, without financial wellbeing there can be no wellbeing. Without wellbeing, financial wellbeing counts for nothing.

Whole industries have been created on the back of demand for living longer better programmes in the areas of healthcare and finance. Whilst healthcare is a highly trusted industry. Historically, many financial institutions are distrusted[i]. The evidence suggests they lack integrity and place profits before purpose. Money before meaning. They muddy the waters between advice and product. And as a result, fail to help us to live long better.

For example, the industry sells us products for when our earnings stop. They hold our money for a lifetime to tap into for fees. When the truth is, stopping earnings is bad for our health in more ways than you can imagine. What we need are strategies to extend the life of our earnings.

We need financial plans we can trust. For the financial industry to be trusted we need integrity. To achieve integrity, we need a wall between advice and products.

Over ten years ago, I left the big financial institutions as head of investments at the big banks to set up an independent trusted adviser business. At first, I thought that was a financial advice business. But I soon discovered that advisers get paid on the products they sell and the collateral damage amongst consumers was widespread and common. There was no wall between advice and products.

On 2nd April 2012, I created a financial planning firm that placed a wall between advice and products. I called it the Academy of Life Planning.

I also became the founding lead of the Market Integrity Team of the Transparency Taskforce. An international collaborative campaigning community seeking to restore trust and confidence in the financial services industry.

Today, the Academy mentors hundreds of planners across six continents. It is the world’s first non-intermediating financial planning network.

Here are our awards.

Most Pioneering Financial Planner Network Winner 2022, at the Acquisition International Worldwide Finance awards 2022. Financial Adviser Support Network of the Year Winner 2022, at Corporate Live Wire Innovation & Excellence awards 2022. Twice winner of Best Financial Adviser Support Network in 2021 and 2020, at SME news Finance Awards. Twice winner of an Award For Outstanding Contribution To Finance in 2021 & 2020, at SME news Finance Awards.

The Academy’s financial planning app – HapNav the Happiness Navigator – is the world’s first customer-directed Open-banking-powered financial planning application.

HapNav has been shortlisted as The Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards finalist for September 2022, in Best Use of Technology in the Investment Life & Pensions Sector.

Academy members are amongst the most trusted advisers worldwide, as can be seen in industry polls. They set goals for holistic wellbeing and put in place financial plans to deliver the favourite futures their clients deserve. The result is our clients live longer better.

Here’s the thing …

Money is a means to an end and not an end in itself; The end we seek is living longer better.

See also Sir Muir Gray’s Living Longer Better training course.

Here’s an article I wrote over two years ago on the importance of wellbeing.

The GAME Plan: Four Capitals Detox – Academy of Life Planning

9 mins read.

In the article, I talk about the importance of health in four areas – Mental, Physical, Emotional, Eudemonic/ Spiritual. In the GAME Plan, it comes under E for Execution. The system is the Stand & DELIVER Game Giver. The D is Detox. As in four capitals detox.

As Stephen R. Covey said in the 8th Habit (2006):

“Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy!”


[i] Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2022. PowerPoint Presentation (

See also UK Violation tracker Financial Offences summary over £3bn in fines since 2010.