The Wealth Strategist: The Business Of Building Back Better

The Wealth Strategist: Cash Flow Planning For The Great Level Up

Are you a financial professional who wants to help those made poorer by the pandemic?

Britain’s wealth gap ballooned after two punishing years of covid on top of a decade of harsh austerity. A lack of spending opportunities forced the wealthiest families to save; the pandemic caused the poorest households to run down their savings – and struggle from payday to payday with benefits cuts, unemployment, wage capping, and the increased cost of living.

A critical point is beginning to emerge this Spring in the gap between rich and poor, as we see pressure on household finances come to a head. With a 1.25 percentage point national insurance hike, a 54 percent uplift to the energy bill cap, interest rate rises, persistent debt demands from credit card companies emerge, scamming levels out of control, and inflation of 7.25 percent driving hard choices, such as between heating and eating.

Since house price inflation has been pushing up wealth, we find the poorest families in those places where house prices are lagging and places of low homeownership. We need solutions that leave no one feeling excluded.

The crisis is upon us. The next step is crucial. Can you help?

Think outside the box! If you want something you never had, you must do something you’ve never done.

On life’s journey, the most crucial step is the next step. More so than steps of the past or those in the distant future. As we find ourselves in the cash flow valley, we need to focus on climbing the next mountain. Concentrate on what’s before us instead of worrying about mountains behind us or on distant horizons.

Financial coaches focus on the past to heal wounds and better organize finances. Financial planners focus on the long-term future, intending to sell securities.

Therapy, or security selling, don’t create wealth; people do with their ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, industry, resilience, and, importantly, planning. Neither does somewhere between the two. We can’t just take security selling out of financial planning and call it a wealth-building solution. Or give a cash flow planning tool to a financial coach.

We need a new perspective. We need to give people a sense of personal agency- the ability to initiate and direct actions toward achieving defined goals.

That next step is to create wealth by this time next year or a few years from now. The method we use is called the Game Plan. It applies the tools of financial planning to the ideas of a proposition architect.

We seek to support the great aspiration. Among the most popular reasons people gave for resigning during covid was the desire to pursue other passions or a different career path, a reconsideration of priorities or professional goals, and the feeling of no longer growing in their current position.

We seek to level up society through the Game Plan. By boosting productivity, pay, jobs, and living standards and growing the private sector, especially in those places where they are lagging, people feel excluded.

We seek to reset and build back better. We put sustainable business practices at the heart of operations to build portfolios of SMEs of endearment. Typically, such firms outgrow the market with a lower risk of failure. We seek to diversify income streams through the development of portfolio entrepreneurs.

We build on trends. The tasks we expect to retain a comparative advantage over technology include managing, advising, decision making, reasoning, communicating, and interacting.

Most importantly, we use your reason for being, what you are good at, what you love, what the world needs and will pay you for.

This pragmatic solution to a real problem is the task of the Wealth StrategistTM.

We offer unique planning tools that enable Wealth Strategists to help online groups or offer Netflix-style subscription programmes. HapNav – our happiness navigator is the world’s first end-user financial planning application with open banking inside. This way, the Wealth Strategist can earn a good standard of living while their services are accessible and affordable for everyone.

Would experienced financial professionals like to join me and help focus on the next step? Would you like to learn the Game Plan and become a Wealth Strategist? If so, check out our annual mentorship and membership programme.

The Academy of Life Planning is an award-winning SME that helps SMEs build more SMEs, awarded by SME News as Best Financial Adviser Support Network & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance in 2020 & 2021.

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