Release From Captivity: By Following The Framework

“There are fields, Neo, endless fields where human beings are no longer born. We are grown… What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this [showing a battery].” – Morpheus

The Game Plan is as we say universal, timeless principles belonging to all humanity that I organised into an actionable, sequential framework of thinking to unleash human potential.

If you complete tasks in the order I have given you (clockwise – the natural cycle from creation to manifestation) we have a productive cycle. Goals actions means execution. It creates wholeness and equality. It brings humanity together and increases their wealth and wellbeing.

If you have a goal that requires more wealth you plan to create wealth.

Here’s a secret that the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power don’t want you to hear.

If you complete the tasks anti-clockwise – execution means actions goals – it creates division, inequality, fear, separation, humans fighting one another feeling resource is scarce, climbing over one another as it diminishes their wealth and wellbeing. We have an exhaustive cycle. Your goals are limited to what you can afford. You fear for your future and hand over your assets on the bet they will make good shortfalls in the long term.

If you miss out on elements completely you have a destructive cycle. Money without goals or goals without money.

In ancient Eastern traditions, this knowledge is known as Feng Shui.

Elements can have productive or destructive cycles. When they support or nurture each other’s energy it is considered positive or productive for creating good Qi flow. That is referred to in Feng Shui as a productive Cycle. On the other hand, Elements that are inharmonious when together are called destructive. They block and hamper Qi flow.

In ancient Western traditions, this knowledge is known as the two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

You can tell what tree you are feeding off of by the fruit that is produced in your life. The fruit of the Tree of Life is “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.” (Galatians 5:22). The fruit that comes from the Tree of Knowledge is quite different altogether. You are darkened to your understanding of spiritual things, alienated, and separated from Source, into the life of a carnally minded man.

The Tree of Life is a productive cycle including the whole of you. Mind body heart and spirit.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is a destructive cycle, mind body heart and missing out spirit.

6,000 years later we are where we are.

The exhaustive or destructive cycle extracts profit and power from humanity to the pockets of those who apply it, and leaves humanity living in fear, separateness, and fighting one another. Fighting on grounds of wealth, gender, colour, race, religion, national origin, football team!

We are taught by controlled media to idolise our thoughts, feelings, and senses of ego. This keeps us from personal growth. Stops us from being awake to spirit. Stops us from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life (aka The Game Plan). Stops the unleashing of human potential.

Are you prepared to live with integrity and be true to your own values?

Because, here’s the temptation. Anyone can extract profit and power from others with this knowledge. Bankers have been doing it for centuries.

If we plan the client before we plan the money we move to wholeness and increase wealth and wellbeing for our clients.

If we treat the money as the client, and not the customer, we tap into assets for fees and clients live a mundane life.

Are you going to treat your clients as batteries?

Or, like Neo, are you going to continually return to the Matrix and help human minds escape captivity? If the latter, you need to know the Game Plan.

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