The GAME Plan: Four Capitals Detox

The GAME Plan connects you with mind, body, heart, and spirit. The base line you aim for is enough in these four areas: a healthy equilibrium, a comfortable and balanced level of health and wellbeing. Illness in one area needs to be healed before we form solid ground on which to build to be all that we want to be in the world. Then and only then, we can move beyond to deliver a life well lived and a legacy.

If you wish to find out more about The GAME Plan, visit the website of the Academy of Life Planning and download your free guide.

According to Plato:

‘The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the spirit and if the head and body are to be healthy, you must begin by curing the mind. That is the first thing. Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his spirit to be cured. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the spirit from the body.’

The GAME Plan is a story of how to improve our lives in the future. It pays little attention to the past; the GAME Plan leaves advising on the past to medical professionals. By playing the game we can overcome all future obstacles, that is we can overcome the higher-way robbers we meet on our journey.

You can systematically knock down each obstacle, like dominoes. Forget about the unpleasantness of past imbalance. Put the past behind you. Do something about imbalance from now on and create balance in your beautiful world.

Consider the four planes of your multi-dimensional being. Ponder mind, body, heart, and spirit. The aim is to elevate your state of being on each pole to a state of well-being. On completing this task, you will look at yourself and experience holistic well-being.

When unwell in mind, body, heart, or spirit, consider a point on each plane where you will be considered well. Focus your attention on each pole in turn.

Use the seven natural laws of Hermetic philosophy described in the Kybalion.

The first law is the Law of Mentalism. Your reality is a manifestation of the mind. Use the power of thought to elevate your condition.

Think about a higher state of wellbeing, believe you can attain it, feel its possibility, then act. Repeat the cycle. This is the natural cycle from creation to manifestation, and we are applying it to your wellbeing. Change your approach to wellbeing using the Game Plan: Goals, Actions, Means, Execution.

The second law is the Law of Correspondence. As above, so below; as below, so above. The planes of the multi-dimensional you are in hierarchical order. The slowest vibration and its lowest density is the physical plane. Then the mental plane. Next the emotional plane, and finally the spiritual plane. Address improvements in your wellbeing from the lowest plane first. And, then move on to the next. So on and so forth, until wellness is elevated on all planes.

Use law one, the Law of Mentalism, on each plane. Repeat the process. The process is the same on each plane. As below, so above.

The third law is the Law of Vibration. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. When healing the pole of your being we imagine a vibration. There is a slower vibration corresponding to a lower state of wellbeing, and a higher vibration corresponding to a higher state of wellbeing. Imagine raising the vibration. Bring raised vibration to your situation through attention. Imagine the result to be an increase in vibration.

The fourth law is the Law of Polarity. Everything is dual, everything has poles. Everything has its pair of opposites, identical in nature, different only in degree.

Imagine a mixing deck with four levers. Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. Imagine where your levers are set right now. Imagine moving all four levers to the highest position.

Imagine also that all states of wellness are relative. If you say you are unwell, there is always a position on the wellbeing pole below where you are, and above where you are. Aim to improve your wellbeing by moving the lever upwards.

The fifth law is the Law of Rhythm. Everything flows in and out. Everything has its tides. All things rise and fall. The pendulum swings. The swing manifests in everything. The process is repeated. This tells you that in the absence of you doing anything to counter the natural law your wellbeing will rise and fall. Aim to catch the pendulum on a high. There is a subsidiary law that says you can hold the pendulum swing.

The subsidiary law is the Law of Neutralisation. You can escape the fall of the pendulum through conscious awareness that the pendulum will fall. For example, if your physical wellbeing has improved be conscious that just stopping your action will result in a deterioration in wellbeing. Maintain the treatment.

The sixth law is the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything has a cause. Everything has an effect. You have the choice to live your life being the effect of other people’s causes. Or you can choose to be the cause of your own effect. Choose to cause your improved wellbeing.

Lastly, is the seventh law, the Law of Gender. Everything has an element of masculine and feminine. A yang and a yin. One object gives existence to the other, and one object can be found in the other. The yin is the cloudy and overcast state, the yang is the shining bright state with banners waving in the sun. Yin is yielding, weak, passive, and retreating. Yang is firm, strong, active, and advancing. These are the two alternating states of being. Change is a continuous transformation from one form to another.

In pure Yang there is a seed of yin; in pure yin there is a seed of yang. In a state of being unwell there is a seed for improving wellbeing. In a state of wellbeing there is a seed of becoming unwell.

Advice from the Book of Changes, I Ching, can be found in the Tao of I:

In favourable times, never neglect unfavourable potential.

In unfavourable times, never act abruptly or blindly.

In adverse circumstances, never become depressed and despair.

A popular saying of unknown origin is,

‘This, too, shall pass.’

It may stem from a fable written by Persian Sufi poets, Jewish folklore, or King Solomon, although it is not recorded in the Bible.

Look at each plane in turn, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Consider a higher point than you were ever hurt or worried. Challenges come to draw your attention to areas where change is needed in your life. Ponder being no longer concerned about any area of imbalance in your life. Shift your mind-set. Begin to affirm wellness in mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Begin by shifting your fundamental consciousness away from merely getting by from day to day. You move from a place of fear and withholding, to a place of loving and giving. Become a progenitor of a new and complete way of being.

Let go of old patterns that have accumulated in your confusion. Move into the light within, move away from fear as your root energy and embrace love in its place. Love yourself and love the planet. Stand firmly in the physical world, grounded, and centred and experience love, joy and light.

We now focus on making your day-to-day life easier and effortless. It is up to you and your free will, to decide whether to follow the programme. Leave behind the old life and fear of lack or control. Live a blessed, synchronistic, abundant, and joyful life instead.

Let your Higher You lead you to a life of peace, grace, creativity, and contribution filled with love and laughter on your personal journey. Hear your own inner wisdom. Translate those messages into words. Re-programme your subconscious mind. Become the Higher You.

Money has a profound affect in our lives and impacts on our health and wellbeing. It is a natural human bias to consider the absence of money as the most important deficit in our lives. A money deficit can have an adverse impact on mind, body, heart, and spirit. Too much money can also adversely impact mind, body, heart, and spirit. You need to find the point of balance. Find your personal comfort point on the pole from poverty to prosperity.

Financial comfort is the foundation of wealth, wellbeing, and happiness.

The initial focus is to take care of your health and wellbeing and resolving urgent financial imbalance is an important part of this. Focus in the long-term on your whole wellbeing. We each have our own personal healing journey. Let me tell you about the four capitals detox programme to improve your whole life, body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Take time out to relax, rejuvenate and re-charge. This is a period of deep transformation for you and a chance to re-discover who you really are. Once the physical body starts to heal, detoxification moves onto our mental and emotional bodies and finally the spiritual body.

The root cause of conditions or symptoms may lie deep in more than one body. Inventory check the state of health of all planes, your mind, body, heart, and spirit. Move up the pole from ill-health to health in your four bodies.

Achieve your full potential and become the whole of who you are. Choose a whole new direction to a far better quality of life.

Physical cleansing. Begin here. This is a physical detox for your body and your gut.

Break this down into seven poles. Think about hydration, diet, exercise, breathing, relaxation, sleep, and laughter.

Bring your attention to making improvements in these seven areas.

Drink plenty of fresh, clean water. Keep well hydrated.

Consider your diet. Consider whether you want to include meat, fish, or dairy products. Consider the toxins you consume. Consider alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, lactose, gluten. Consider chemical additives in your food. Consider the benefits of organic produce.

Consider your exercise regime.

Consider breathing.

Consider relaxation.

Consider sleep.

A physical detox helps to re-balance your body chemistry and brings you vitality. Physical health will bring you strength, flexibility, and a reservoir of energy on which to draw.

Mental cleansing. This is letting go of old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you.

Practice mindfulness. This brings clarity of thought; this is a mental rest and a chance to de-clutter your mind.

This is re-visiting your life and looking at what is right for you and what isn’t working.

Release thoughts that no longer serve who you want to be.

Re-establish who you are and where you fit in the world. This is where you look at your financial detox and align your money patterns with your values and desired outcomes.

You may look to make some significant life changes. Mental health helps you to think clearly, formulate ideas, solve problems, and make decisions.

Emotional cleansing. This is letting go of old patterns of feeling that no longer serve you.

This is releasing old stored memories, feelings and emotions and resolving deep emotional stress.

Release emotions that no longer serve you.

It is changing the way we respond to and let go of our past and embrace a much brighter future. It helps you gain clarity and personal insight. Emotional health helps you to acknowledge and express feelings and maintain rewarding relationships.

Spiritual cleansing. This is beginning to listen to your own inner wisdom.

Listen to your inner voice.

In the stillness the spiritual self can be found. Know yourself. This can have a profound effect on your whole life.

Spiritual health will bring you love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Putting insights into action may require new skills and resources. Take risks. Venture into the unknown. Ideas are not enough. You must trust, apply, and persist.

Attention to bringing about wellbeing in mind, body, heart, and spirit will increase your life-force energy. You will become calm, clear, and centred. You will become loving, peaceful, focused, kind, forgiving, compassionate and balanced. You raise your vibration and become the Higher You.

You attract the same vibration. Turn the light on in the dark room instead of fighting the darkness. Dwell in the Higher You plane of consciousness. This will bring you strength and healing. It provides a tonic and protection.

Live long, live well, live wisely.

If you wish to find out more about The GAME Plan, visit the website of the Academy of Life Planning and download your free guide.

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