AoLP: A New Adviser Network For Non-Intermediating Financial Planners

In 2005, I was the Business Development Director of the UK’s fourth largest IFA Network, Berkeley Independent Advisers. Fifteen years on, I am the founding director of a new type of IFA Network. Where the advisers are so independent of product providers, they don’t even hold agency agreements. A wall between advice and product. Now, that’s what I call independent!

These new type of advisers are non-intermediating financial planners (NIFP).

Not financial intermediaries, therefore not regulated by FCA.

NIFPs are virtual advisers, no need to see a client face-to-face.

NIFPs are global, working across territories across five continents. Working from Hong Kong or Singapore talking to clients in the UK. Or, working from a home workspace in the UK, serving clients in Hong Kong or Singapore. A world without boundaries.

I’m not sure I know of any other business like it. Academy of Life Planning is a global, virtual, non-intermediating financial planning network.

It is called the new HOME SERVICE COMPANY.

Demand for it? We are probably in the worst global life and money emergency in living memory, some might say not quite as bad as the Great Depression, worldwide economic downturn that began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939. It was the longest and most severe depression ever experienced by the industrialized Western world.

An NIFP is a virtual global life & money planner in a global life & money depression!

If you would like to know more, here is the Academy of Life Planning’s April 2020 Newsletter.

Thank you to everyone for joining our growing global network of planners!

I would like to welcome so many of you new planners who have been joining us this past month during these difficult times. Whether you are planning yourself or others. Welcome!

Planning yourself consumers taking the opportunity to reappraise their lives during lockdown. Planning others advisers rising to the challenge and stepping up to the plate to deliver online global life & money planning (the new way) in a global life and money emergency. Thank you!

All those people have been asking me, “Where’s your library of info?” Lots of you have been wondering how to navigate the library of free stuff, so I want to give you a helping hand on that in this newsletter (below). Many of you don’t recollect even seeing the newsletter. Please adjust spam filters and watch out for this, as I don’t want you to miss out on all the valuable free stuff I’m giving away. I’m also posting this in my Blog (and sharing on social media) just in case, for those who follow me there.

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Firstly, let me remind you what AoLP is. We are a non-intermediating financial planning network. The first of its kind. We are virtual. We are global. For those of you who know what an IFA Network is, like the one I ran for 1,200 advisers back in 2005, WE ARE A NON-INTERMEDIATING FINANCIAL PLANNING NETWORK.

We have the AoLP Network, providing compliance services and NIFP business development support, keeping you abreast of developments, providing clear guidance and quality solutions, and

We have AoLP Direct, our NIFP firm.

Lots more of you have told me of your experience of similar life planning, life coaching, financial planning courses you’ve been on and are only just beginning to appreciate the depth to the GAME Plan model. Some of you are having to re-read my book. I appreciate, the depth of this methodology can be a little off-putting, at first. I make no apologies. It’s very powerful and ancient. The secrets the highway robbers didn’t want me to share!

The reason I’m writing is … you don’t have to be a master to earn as a planner. You can “earn while you learn”. Just remember, you know more already than the person you are helping. That’s all you need to be a successful life & money coach. Your client will trust you more when you are on a similar journey of personal growth and will relate to you better than they will to a master when you are just a few steps ahead.

If your client is suffering due to the cv-19 life and money crisis, use The GAME Plan to help them find wisdom. I use the 4 Capital Detox I wrote about in my blog last week. It’s free to read.

If your client is wise but insecure, help them find security.

If they are secure yet trapped or uninspired, help them find freedom.

If they are free, help them create “a lasting legacy” to help others present and future find freedom too.

All steps are achieved by simply a repeat cycle of The GAME Plan.

Let me remind you how much it costs.

If you don’t have the upfront £450 for annual membership (consumers) or mentorship (advisers), then you can pay £45 pm – no minimum terms or conditions. Cancel anytime.

Planners. You are one step ahead of the client. You can earn while you learn. One client is all it takes for you to breakeven on your finances.

All those people who have been asking, “Can I do it any faster?”. Many of you have said you want to learn quicker. So, I’ve decided to offer an accelerated programme for those who can’t wait 12 months. It’s £950 and you see more of me with a view to completing the training in 3 months. All details are on the website.

Remember. You don’t have to finish to earn, you can earn while you learn.

Thanks to all of you for reading the newsletter. I’m delighted to welcome so many people from so many different countries, as well as the UK … I have been speaking to advisers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, USA just this week. We are truly an international community.

That’s because this is a global life & money planning system for a global life & money crisis, that crosses boundaries and is not intermediation, therefore is compliant with laws in all appropriate territories. And, because it’s online, you can reach the world from your home office to their homes.


So, join me in the new way.

The Resource Library is as follows:

Facebook Pages to follow: @bethechange @aolpuk @valuesba

Facebook Groups to Join: @aolpuk (open) and @lamplighters (closed for members only)

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Free guide: 8 Steps to Your Plan B

Free Guide: 8 Steps to Your Business Success

Free Guide: The GAME Plan explained

Your Money or Your Life Book


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