Want to know the truth about yourself?


Why would I be willing to invest my own time and money, just so that I can show you freedom, for FREE?

Perhaps, you’re taking the risk that you can remain on the mundane treadmill of work existence for the best part of 50 years, on the bet you can find freedom in the last 16. I’m investing in you, because I believe differently. I believe that you’re ready. Your opportunity for finding freedom is right here, right now.

And, you already have everything you could possibly need to make it work.

The fact that you’ve read this far means that deep down, you probably believe it too! Do you want to know the truth?

If I tried to sell you the ticket for what it costs me to put this event on you may never get to ask the question about your own freedom.

Well, I know something you don’t.

What I’m talking about works.

I’ve seen it work hundreds of times with my clients. I’ve never seen it fail to work. Not even once.

And, I know something about you, that you may not even know. And, that is … you have a gift. You were born with it. Nature gives us all a gift when we are born. Why? Because you are meant to be using it in the service of others. And, by using your gift in the service of others, you bring yourself abundance in life and money. You bring yourself financial freedom.

Freedom to be, who you were ‘Born to Be’.

You may be thinking, “I’m not ready yet”. That’s OK. It’s your choice.

Is living life true to yourself, and not according to the expectations of others, for you?

Are you dying to know the truth? Or, are you dying with the gift still in you, when it could have made the world a better place?

You may think there’s not enough time. There’s time enough for the important things in life. You may think there’s not enough money. There’s money enough for the important things in life.

You see I know that you’re ready … you are still reading this, aren’t you?

And, reading this is a step on the path to being who you were born to be. Maybe the first step of many, but a step in that direction none the less.

I also know that being who you were born to be is like opening Pandora’s Box. Once opened it can’t be closed. There can be no return, once you know your truth.

Once you know that you were born to be someone special … you have two choices.


Take the Blue Pill and return to work on Monday as if we’ve never had this conversation. Or, take the Red Pill and see how deep this Rabbit Hole goes. Once you’ve made your choice there can be no turning back.

You see, I know what you don’t. You are ready. You are somebody. And, I’m ready to put my hand in my own pocket on the bet I can show you financial freedom.

I know what you’re thinking! This is one of those multi-level-marketing things, selling stuff. You’d be wrong. This is simply about you being you, doing what you want, doing what you’re good at and monetising it. It’s your life. You’re the architect. I just want to simply show you how.

Because I believe in you.

What you have to ask yourself today is … do you believe in you?

Would you be willing to believe in yourself enough to be who you were born to be.

This is ancient knowledge that I am sharing:

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work. But neither are you free to abandon it.”

You are not obliged to use your gift, but nor are you free to abandon it. For in abandonment lies suffering. How much longer are you willing to suffer?

I know, because I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve been in that place. I stepped off the treadmill and knew in my heart that this was the path to contentment. It wasn’t easy. Many doubted me.  Sometimes I even doubted myself. But, then I discovered that the only way I could fail, was if I chose to fail.

The system for change has been known for many thousands of years as ‘the natural cycle from creation to manifestation’. I have systemised it, packaged it up and am making it available to you. I’ve called it The GAME Plan.

I’m bringing this to you as I have successfully completed the cycle, as have hundreds of my clients. I manifested what I set out to create. So have my clients. We repeat the cycle.

Now it’s your turn.

Your choice is ‘Same old Monday’ or ‘Your authentic self’.

‘Abandon who you were Born to Be’ or ‘Complete it’.




Click on the BLUE PILL and you’ll find yourself on Monday as if this conversation never happened. Click on the RED PILL and the journey continues with an invitation to a free event and you can download 8 questions – again FREE – that you could ask yourself to find your own freedom from the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power. You become unplugged from the system!

It’s completely free. No bank details are required because no payment is required. So, go ahead – right now. And, make your choice!



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