Create Your Own Future!

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For example, you think you’ve been saving for a happy retirement; when the only one that will get one is your banker.

Create Your Own Sunshine!

Have you ever noticed? Humans have an amazing gift. Everyone has this ability to create and manifest in the world! WOW! 7 billion people, creating and manifesting. What for themselves? HELL NO! That would be chaos.

Humans create for the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power! This is being civilized!!

How do they do that then?

How would you do it?

Picture this. 250 years ago!

1.       I’d create something called MONEY. Print my promises to pay the bearer on worthless bits of paper and kill off the bartering economy. That’d put a stop to people creating for one another.

2.       Then I’d confiscate the common land with forced clearances around the world. Give the land to my friends and family and force commoners to pay to live on earth. Tell everyone they have to pay MONEY to live on Earth. That would put a stop to people creating for themselves.

3.       Then I’d set up creating farms in the main cities and round everyone up using the incentive of easy MONEY, people from rural areas – those that create their own stuff – and cram them in. I’d call global urbanisation ‘progress’. Then that will get loads of people creating my stuff. And, less creating their own. Anyone holding a dollar a month in their hand we can call ‘saved from poverty’, then point to these statistics to show everyone we are the good guys.

4.       But we wouldn’t want people catching on. So, I’d dumb them down at bit. Add stuff to their diets, water supply and air – stuff that we know will do the trick.

5.       Distract them a little. Get them fighting one another. We can even play the hero, saving them from those on the ‘other side’. It also has the side effect of enabling us to manage population, prevent piles of dead MONEY stacking up. When they’re not living in fear, we’ll entertain them, like the Romans did when they built the Coliseum.

6.       We’ll tag them at birth, give them a birth certificate. We’ll indoctrinate them in schools, rewarding compliance and memory for the farms. Use the certificate to know when they are ripe for the farm, give them a National Insurance number and from then on, tax them to live on earth. We’ll tax those contemplating developing critical thinking, with thirty years of crippling tuition fee debt. OK. So, one in six will fall by the wayside. We’ll hire some of them to police, the rest we’ll give addictive substances to, call them our enemy and make their life hell.

7.       OK. So, we need to fool them into thinking they’re free. Tell them they live in a democracy. Give them a couple of our boys to choose from. We can then blame the general consensus of indoctrinated citizens should anything go wrong.

8.       To make sure they don’t find out about us or the Secret, we’ll buy up all the mainstream media. Publish the distracting stories. Ridicule anyone who looks like they’re waking up from the stuff we feed them.

9.       Let’s not forget. We want them to create for us. So, we’ll set that goal for them. If you ever hear anyone suggesting otherwise, get shot of them fast. We’ll define normal. The goals is: give us your best 50 years on the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16. 

10.   It’s going to be tough as they begin to wake up and notice the destruction of the planet. We’ll use our media to deny it, threaten to remove our tax farms, get people fighting over it. Denial, doubt, distraction, delay. That should do it.

How would you find freedom?

Well I know the Secret. That’s easy. We are creators of our own manifestations. It wouldn’t be chaos if we did it. It would be a Golden Civilization, as my friend George Kinder puts it in “A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness.”

This is how I would do it:

1.       Help one another. Barter. Become more self-sustainable. Go green. Grow your own. Detox my wallet. Use money less.

2.       Use what little land you know to best effect. Respect Earth. She is our Mother, care for her. Connect with her to ground yourself. Land ownership is mental. That is, it is another bit of paper. The ruler stole it. The new ‘owner’ created greatly for the ruler for the paper and is protected by the ruler in return. Don’t be wedded to property ownership by the general populous of indoctrinated citizens.

3.       With technology, our businesses can become virtual. We can return to the place of our hearts. We no longer need the city farms.

4.       We can choose not to eat, drink and breathe that stuff. The less touched the better!

5.       We are one. Not just one species. We are made up of the same stuff as other species, the planet and each other. We share breath. We share spirit. We share the planet.

6.       Yes, we’re chipped at birth. But that doesn’t stop us from recognizing the diversity of gifts we and our children have. All gifts have a useful purpose, and we were given the gifts so that we can serve others. Gifts are intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. Use your gift to heal a small part of world grief. That’s your legacy.

7.       Every unit of currency you spend or invest is a very powerful vote for the change you want to see in the world! Choose wisely.

8.       Today, we have access to uncensored information via the internet. Use it. Your spirit is your intuitive guide. You will know intuitively the truth from the untruth. Your heart will tell you. Stay informed.

9.       Set your own goals. Always! Be the architect of your own life. Be the player, not the pawn.

10.   Find your truth. Breakthrough. Transform. Know the Secret. You are a creator. So, create a life you love. Create the change you wish to see in the world. Create your legacy.

Sounds easier said than done.

No, it’s easier done than said.

Remember, it’s harder to convince someone that they’ve been fooled rather than to fool.

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