Your Money or Your Life!

Do you want to see world peace and save the planet – before 2040?

Here’s what you can do then!

Maybe you are appalled at the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power relishing as warmongers for oil and intergenerational thieves for profit. Perhaps you see greedy bankers consistently place profit before principles. Possibly you are irritated by the veiled plundering of your life savings to fund hidden agendas, quarterly shareholder profits, bankers’ perks & unfathomable bonuses and furnish palatial gleaming City towers. Potentially you are annoyed being shackled to the treadmill two pay-cheques from poverty, so they’re not.

Picture this. The campaigning community the ‘Transparency Task Force’ drive positive, progressive and purposeful finance reform for the benefit of all. Imagine if the bankers were compelled to consider the socially responsible wishes of their investors. Here, bankers have to tell the public how much they take in charges from retail investments. What if bankers had to take oaths to abide by enforced principles-based codes of conduct. You’d think they did this already. But they don’t.

If planetary peril is where you are and planetary preservation is where you want to be, then I’m sure you would agree that the mindset of bankers must change.

The thing is. Mindsets won’t change. What bankers do – makes profit. It works. And, is therefore – to them, right.

The thing is. Transformational change will take decades. If we survive that long!

Why decades?

We can see evidence that younger generations place principles on a par with profit in the study ‘2016 US Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth‘. When asked if social or environmental impact is important to their investment decisions, 57% of Millennials (age 18 – 35) agreed, compared to 31% of Generation X (age 36 – 51), 22% of Baby Boomers (age 52 – 71) and 19% of Mature (age 72 +).

The stark fact is. The unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power – those who run our financial institutions – are Baby Boomers and Mature. And, due to the way votes count on bank boards, banks place profit before principles!

Until the Millennials run our institutions.

So, my question is … what must you do in the meantime? Well that’s what I want to talk about.

First let me answer the question, why listen to me?

Well, I’m one of those 22% Baby Boomers I talked about. I used to be head of investments at HSBC until they forced me out for wanting to place principles on a par with profit. I suggested we deliver freedom! Since then, I’ve made it my life’s work to deliver to you your keys to freedom. I’m now an award-winning global ambassador for Transparency, campaigning to bring about those advances we so desire.

Take those keys.

They’re in my new book.

“Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – Enjoy freedom in every area of your life.”

Available from 6th June, pre-order your copy now on Amazon.

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