How To Navigate Happiness: A low-cost approach that everyone can afford

HapNav provides a cashflow baseline for every user to just set up and take away on their own for a few years.

“Growth forward is made possible by the feeling of being safe, of operating out into the unknown from a safe home port, of daring because retreat is possible.”

– Richard Barrett, A new psychology of human well-being.

Do you want to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

Do you want to be happy?

Here’s the thing …

If you cannot take care of yourself and your loved ones, it won’t be easy to be happy.

We feel anxious and fearful when we cannot meet our deficiency needs. Those needs are to have enough money, to be loved, and to be recognised. Once our deficiency needs are met, we no longer pay much attention to them. We can start to focus on the pursuit of happiness.

An advice-only financial plan must meet our deficiency needs and our growth needs.

This article concerns planning to meet survival needs, have enough money, and not outlive your capital. Our other articles explain how to plan for well-being in the other areas.

When you have little to no savings, you need to plan to make money. Advice-only financial planners show you how to make money, whereas old-school financial planners show you how to save money you’ve already made.

If you have little or no savings, old-school financial planners will not be interested in talking to you as they cannot figure out how you will pay their fees.

That is because they can only plan one person at a time. And their time costs money. A lot of money. And you can’t afford them. And in any case, they’ve only got plans to save money you’ve already made to tap into for their fees. So, you can’t even go there.

Advice-only financial planners cost the same as old-school financial planners. The difference is they can plan groups of people. They can even create learning content for you to download and distance learning for thousands of people. This type of financial planning is accessible to all at a fraction of the price.

Because they can do this, the advice-only financial planners can show people with little or no savings how to make money.

All you need is fintech. We have that for you. Plus, the advice-only financial planner is the facilitator.

Old school financial planning fintech doesn’t work for the mass market. It is planner-centric, planning people one by one. Plus, it isn’t straightforward.

Advice-only financial planning fintech works for the mass market. It is user-centric, simple to use and links to Open Banking for accuracy and ease of updating.

Currently, there is only one customer-directed Open Banking-powered financial planning application in the market. And that’s HapNav, the Happiness Navigator. Available exclusively through the Academy of Life Planning for £6.99 per month, with a free 30-day trial at

You don’t have to be an Academy member to use it. Everyone can access it.

How do you use HapNav to remove fear and anxiety about running out of money?

First, enter all your financial data. Don’t worry. No one will see this data but you. It’s user centred. Planners don’t get to see it unless you want them to. So, no pushy salespeople are going to contact you. And you do not need to be embarrassed about your financial situation. Only you will know.

If you have a low probability of achieving your goals, you can ask HapNav to “fix it” or come up with some of your ideas with “what-if” scenario functionality.

If unsure how you can attend a HapNav class run by your advice-only financial planner.

If you want extra money, your advice-only financial planner will provide you with a workbook. It’s called your Ikigai Proposition Development Framework. Ikigai is Japanese for “reason for being”. Ikigai projects and side-hustles are a pretty effective way of growing your wealth.

The total cost of a book and three workbooks is £28.50 (including international postage and packaging). This programme will give you everything for your deficiency needs planning, and your growth desires planning.

Your advice-only financial planner will offer you many free materials and tutorials. Still, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to groups or one-to-one work for dealing with particularly tricky financial situations.

Using the materials and HapNav, you can identify a favourite future where you are no longer fearful and anxious about money.

From this point, you can navigate happiness using HapNav to track progress.

We see this planning as the future for all generations.

We think this is much needed in today’s society.

David Harper, a clinical psychologist at the University of East London, puts it this way:

“Evidence shows that a major contributor to serious emotional distress is income inequality – the growing gap between the richest and poorest people. To increase happiness, we need firm action on inequality.”

To recap, the total cost of the done-by-you programme is £28.50 plus £6.99 per month.

You can purchase the book, pack, and app from our Shop.

AoLP | Shop For Financial Planning Courses and Coaching (

By joining the Academy of Life Planning, old-school advisers can become advice only financial planners.

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