Generation Cast Out: How To Cope When Forced To Retire

Older workers are being pushed out of jobs and into retirement, reports today’s Telegraph.

Bullet points:

  • Forced to spend pensions sooner than planned.
  • Un-employment in over 50s rocketed. Age discrimination is rife.
  • Over half a million silver workers left employment since the pandemic.
  • Two-in-five older unemployed still out of work after a year. Shut out and left behind.
  • Losing confidence in abilities.
  • 30 job applications a week for 18 months – no job offers. Gave up in the end.
  • Only one in five over 55s looking for work are confident of finding it
  • Taxman benefits by £800m.
  • Redundant at 55 could leave workers almost £1m worse-off.
  • During worst cost of living crisis in decades.

What you need in this situation?

Is it financial coaching/ counselling/ therapy? It’s not about how to better organise finances.

Is it financial advice or financial planning? It’s not about getting more out of your savings either.

It’s asset strategies!

You need to identify “productive assets” from what you are good at, love, the world needs, and will pay for. Assets like Know-how, skill, connections, reputation – and turn them into future “tangible income producing assets”.

Creating a business out of a hobby or side-hustle has the potential to not just produce an income, or a passive income. It can also produce a future capital event on exit/ sale to supplement your retirement savings. Income and a future lump sum.

An end-user financial planning app with open banking inside will help you to know your numbers – see, £6.99 per month with free 30-day trial.

A DIY course to identify asset strategies – see the Game Plan medley pack, currently 80% off at a one-off-price of £16.51 (offer ends 30 June 2022).

Plus loads of free materials, updates, articles, posts, social media groups.

Don’t let them push you into retirement. Choose meaningful projects instead.

Find your Ikigai! Japanese for “reason for being”. Find work that doesn’t feel like work from which you never wish to retire.

If you want to know more about asset strategies, or even training to be an asset strategist so that you can help others step out of their comfort zone and answer their call to new adventures… visit our website for details.

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