Employee Benefit #1: Financially Organised Workers Are Happy Workers

HapNav @ Work

The most important asset of any business is its people. Financial wellbeing is critical if employees are to be engaged, motivated, and productive. Yet, all but senior executives and managers are underserved by the financial adviser community on account of their limited wealth. That was, until now!

Until now, the workforce must rely on the internet, sponsored media propaganda, or ill-informed friends and relatives. They are financially vulnerable and have limited ability to withstand financial shock.

Over the past two years there has been a basic living cost surge for low-income families, and there are no signs of anything improving soon.

Money worries can be hugely amplified in the workplace with lost engagement, absenteeism, presenteeism, and stress induced bad behaviour.

It’s time for employers to step up and support their workers who may be suffering from financial worries. Whilst employers may not be able to offer bigger wage packets or prevent their employees getting into debt, providing them with access to financial, physical, and mental wellbeing assistance programmes can make a real difference in their day-to-day lives.

Of course, positive money management is only a small part of good mental and physical wellbeing. To discover what businesses can do to ensure their workforce remains happy, healthy, and productive, check out our complete Game Plan to health and wellbeing via the links below!

We offer HapNav – The Happiness Navigator!

We help with positive money management with a unique offering…

HapNav is the world’s first end-user financial planning application with an open banking application inside.

Some extra programming every B2C fintech app needs, that we have in HapNav:

  • Advising on the 100% of client wealth, not just the 5% that is regulated investments.
  • Advising on how to make money, not just saving money.
  • Advising on the client, not just the money.

HapNav Artificial Intelligence (AI) produces “Fix It” solutions free from transaction-bias of humans! You’ll be surprised how many of the fixes do not involve the purchase of a financial product.

Try it and see. Model your favourite future with our “What-if” modelling tool. Track your journey to it, with integrated open banking automatically updating income, outgoings, and balances.

What does this advanced tech mean for you?

Embedded banking + Customer-centricity = Market First, Market Leader!

Embedded Banking:

“We are now seeing the embedded finance trend picking up, which wasn’t the case three or four years ago. Financial services are becoming increasingly distributed and Embedded banking is one of the enablers.” – Dr. Efi Pylarinou, Global Influencer, Fintech & Disruptive Tech.


Successful financial services firms display a new way of working that is multi-disciplinary and mission-focused, pulling in the same direction to achieve value for end-users. Customer-centricity is becoming a key focus, and millennials and Generation Z will play a big part in the shape of things to come. To be part of this exciting future, business leaders in the industry must prioritise their tech strategy and place software engineering at the heart of business planning.

For details of these trends see: fintech trends for 2022 free to download report (erlang-solutions.com)

“I think the future cashflow planning tool should be end-user, to give a user the adviser portability, privacy, and data ownership. It should be open banking integrated to be accurate and updated. It should be probabilistic to avoid linear assumptions. The planner should be an educator. When this happens, the planner can offer the service to users in groups and on a subscription basis for a fraction of one-to-one advice so plugging the advice gap. Millennials and Genzies love having this on their mobiles. Did I say the future? I meant today.” – Steve Conley, CEO HapNav.

We put the tools of the planners in the hands of end users, as the best place to find a helping hand you can trust is at the end of your own arm.

To find out what else HapNav has to offer, check out our website: www.hapnav.com

HapNav Tech Support via www.academyoflifeplanning.com

Try it out for free, with our Guest Pass, or Register for Free with our free 30-day trial (this remembers your details).

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