Emma’s Story: Being who you were born to be.

Act 1: The Problem

Have you ever had to put on a brave face to the outside world? On the outside you are successful, materially and intellectually; but on the inside, you are spiritually and emotionally suffering? Have you ever felt like that?

Nov 2016. Emma is with her Brother Simon in Costa Coffee, Edgeware London.

 “Emma, the thing is,” Simon says. “You have to stop bringing messages through from Mother. It’s been almost ten years now. It has to stop. Me and Dad are really worried about you. You’re an accountant. You’ve got a successful practice. But this psychic stuff. It makes you look crazy. Look I know you’re in a bad place right now. We think you should get some help.”

“I can’t believe you would say that,” replies Emma. “It’s who I am. You guys just have to accept it. I really don’t know how things are going to work out. But. You don’t understand. I can’t be someone who I’m not. I can’t carry on like that.”

Have you ever been there? Where it’s really difficult to live true to yourself, when those around you want you to live according to their view of the world. Well, that’s where Emma was that day.

To business associates, family and old friends she was Emma the accountant. To a few creative friends she was Emma the psychic. Two faces, to two very different worlds. Neither understanding the other.

Act 2: The Journey

Have you ever put off from being just you? Denying that you can show your true identity to the world? Distracted, by changing masks depending on who you talk to? Doubting that it can be any different? Emma was no different.

Dec 2016. Emma is attending a personal development event in Grenada, Caribbean, with her boyfriend Skins the photographer. A speaker is Steve Conley. Steve spoke about the need to be all of who we are in life and business.

Emma managed to catch up with Steve on the beach the next day. “I’m an accountant,” Emma tells Steve. “But also, I’m a psychic. Would it be OK if I did a reading for you?”

“That’s incredible!” replies Steve. “I’ve never met a psychic accountant before. That’s so unique. You are simply amazing. That’s my point, we must align our gifts and talents to be who we are born to be in the world. You’re a perfect example.”

Emma hadn’t been told before that she was incredible, amazing and a perfect example, when she was just being herself. She asked Steve to help her be all of who she was born to be. Emma had made her decision. She would be The Holistic Accountant.

The people whose company you keep can make all the difference when you are looking for personal growth. Would you agree?

Act 3: The Transformation

It wasn’t easy …

Firstly, her accounting body wouldn’t show her as she was. Airbrushing out her red hair, tattoos and piercings for the picture on the cover story in their magazine. Ironically titled, ‘Go Your Own Way’!

To Emma’s friends and family, she was being crazy. At times only her coach, Steve, was there to support her on her challenging journey.

Emma had her money tied up in bricks and mortar; Society tells you to own property; like so many people, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that the best investment we can make in life is often the investment we make in ourselves.

The breakthrough came when she sold her apartment in Edgeware. This gave Emma the financial freedom she needed to invest in herself.

Then Emma moved to California.

She attended courses. She met and lived amongst amazing like-minded people. Like Mike Dooley, author of the Secret. “Thoughts become things!”

Emma published her first book. The Little Book of Holistic Accounting.

Emma made her Accounting practice virtual, so she could grow it in London whilst living in LA. She rebranded. Raising the Vibe. She would do a reading for the business owner, then do their accounts.

Emma ran and co-hosted live events, living in California, with people who appreciated her. She had become the celebrity she never thought she could be. She loves her life. Just by being, all of who she was born to be.

No matter what people think of you, be who you were born to be!

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