Where’s the reset button?

Press Reset!

When to Press Reset: Life Events & Life Plans

When might you need to press that life re-set button? You know, the big red one on the top of your head!

Life events are significant events that occur throughout your life; these can range from the birth of a child, to marriage or getting a new job to even losing a close family member. It is on these occasions that you might want a strategy, a financial life plan – that is, The Game Plan.

Crumbs! Maybe you are just at one of these significant milestones, right now. Or, you know of someone else who is.

Should you leave things to fate?

When you start a new relationship or take an existing relationship to a higher level through cohabitating, marriage or even reconciliation, you may take a moment for deeper reflection on each other’s goals for life. You then knit together a new combined pathway that is inspiring and fulfilling in every way for you both. The process can be worrisome, though seldom does the end-result pull you further apart. On the contrary, it will make you fall further in love. Ahh.

Pregnancy and starting a family. What do your financial plans need to look like as your family grows as you give the greatest opportunity for an amazing life to another? When family planning you need a family plan, right?

Children leaving home. What do you do when the nest is empty and roles change? Apart from throw a party!

Leaving full-time education and staring at the empty canvas. Travel!

Moving home to a new town, county or country. Get to know the neighbours?

When a relationship ends through separation, divorce or bereavement, best laid plans can be laid to waste. Financially they can be devastating, as they are emotionally. That settlement perhaps! This is an ideal time to reflect deeply on what you want for yourself in life. It’s time to reassess and reset your direction. The life plan can include anything even the desire for a new love.

Work changes, for you or your partner, are another great occasion to life plan. Resignation. Redundancy. Getting fired. Retirement. Discharge. End of service. Even if you are unhappy at work. These are fabulous occasions to redesign an inspiring and productive future. Sorry, did I say show the boss a finger?

Major business readjustment when self-employed.

Hitting that mid-life-crisis. Let’s put away the jet-pack for just a minute.

Personal injury or illness for yourself or close family member.

Major changes in financial status through insolvency, bankruptcy or making arrangements with creditors.

Leaving prison and integrating back into society (for good).

All these events have one thing in common. It’s time to start afresh. And, press that reset button.

Why leave it to fate? Take control!

The plan must look at all of you: life, money and work. The plan must help you to enjoy wealth in EVERY area of your life.

The plan typically must increase your wealth – in all areas – ten-fold, and must have nothing to do with the sale of any financial products. You must be the client, not your money. It’s a planner you want, not a sales person.

One plan requires one planner, skilled in all these things. Would you agree?

The options available for you at the Academy of Life Planning are as follows:

  1. Plan yourself – buy the book Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life (£11.99) and/ or attend Born to Be: The change you wish to see in the world (free) research information on the Academy’s website & blogs (aolp.co.uk), or social media pages and open groups (also free).
  2. Be planned – by an expert and experienced in personal online coaching; from £1,500 (£1,800 for couples); this is one off plan – The Game Plan – created over six 90-minute (120-minute couples) sessions over several months, or
  3. Learn to plan – This is the four-day workshop: Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp! 30 hours in a small group. You learn all the techniques required to repeat the cycle over-and-over again-and-again throughout your lifetime. £3,991.

Steve Conley says, “I’ve invested seven years and over £60,000 in personal training to bring you something that can change your life in days and create a 10-fold wealth improvement in every area of your life.”

“Here’s my guarantee!”

If as a consequence of us working together (options 2 and 3). The Game Plan for you isn’t:

  • Something you agree is doable for you at every step, and
  • Forecasting that you will be one-million-pounds better off by doing it.

Then I’ll refund you the ticket price paid in full.

Now you can’t say fairer than that. What have you got to lose?

We live but a thousand months, many behind us and 200 retired. We can easily be £1,000 worse off for every month that goes by, leaving matters to fate. This time next year you could be £12,000 worse off and looking back wishing you’d invested in yourself sooner.

It’s a financial life plan, called The Game Plan. Enjoyed by hundreds of satisfied AoLP clients.

Isn’t it time you didn’t leave matters to the lap of the Gods? Take matters into your own hands. Sometimes the best investment we can make, is when we invest in ourselves.

For further details:

Buy the book – available to order on Amazon CLICK HERE.

Attend Born to Be – FREE tickets CLICK HERE

Or visit the Aolp website – www.aolp.co.uk

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