Let’s Talk About Money

The Game Plan is a practical, down-to-earth method for planning your life and money. It doesn’t ask you to do anything you don’t love. It does ask you to do things that you’re good at and are well within your capability.

The Game Plan Generator has four important components, which when completed will change your life in one month. The third part of four, is where we see the dramatic change in belief and confidence in my students. This is where we talk about the money. And, this part is called the Financial Freedom Forecaster.

At ‘The Game Plan’ (TGP) one-to-one coaching programme, this is one 90-minute session, 120-minutes for couples. At Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp it’s a full day. But, always the transformation in the student is amazing; you will witness stress and anxiety altering to sheer delight.

Here’s a couple of ‘Before & After’ examples from two students brave enough to take to the stage when I asked them to join me at the last Born to Be in March 2019.

This is part of the Financial Freedom Forecaster report.

Student 1 Before TGP

Fig 1: Cash Flow Before Student 1
Fig 2: Net Worth Before Student 1

You must also remember that the ‘Before’ picture is where you are dissatisfied in all areas; mind, heart, body and spirit. Here, right now, we are simply looking at the money. The cash flow diagram (Fig 1) shows age along the horizontal and cash along the vertical. The blue bars represent enough money. The red ones, a shortfall. The black line is expenditure.

The red bars show a problem in retirement. Net Worth (Fig 2) shows that if this isn’t resolved, the student will fall in to debt in their old age or become a liability on their family (negative £2m by age 90!)

Imagine how you’d feel right now if that was you. Painful, yes? We’re about 15 minutes into the conversation in the third 90-minute session of four.

After TGP

Fig 3: Cash Flow After Student 1
Fig 4: Net Worth After Student 1

This is the picture at the end of 90 minutes.

Remember that the AFTER picture is doing what you love!

Through a few simple suggestions – that the student agrees are do-able and not too challenging – the outlook changes dramatically. We even stop trying to grow the business at age 70 as the numbers became too big to illustrate.

How do you think the student felt after that meeting? Amazing wouldn’t you say? Relieved perhaps! Jumping with joy I’d say!

The truth is, when you sell knowhow you earn while you sleep and never need to retire.

The difference in net worth at age 90 after a 90-minute conversation – was a staggering £7,500,000!

Student 2 Before TGP

Fig 5: Cash Flow Before Student 2
Fig 6: Net Worth Before Student 2

Your first impression with Student 2 might be, there’s no problem. There are no cash shortfalls in Fig 5. A financial adviser might agree, and walk away. Not that a financial adviser would be interested in this student, as they have less than £100,000 in investable assets. Not so a life planner!

Remember, ‘Before’ is doing work you may currently hate. Struggling day-in-day-out doing the same old boring job barely able to make ends meet, from 16 to 66 (50 years) on the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16 years.

Problem: This student has no money to have a bit of a life until their old age! They are simply locked in to a treadmill of work existence, struggling from one pay-cheque to the next, juggling overdrafts and credit cards, until retirement.

After TGP

Fig 7: Cash Flow After Student 2
Fig 8: Net Worth After Student 2

Here, Student 2 wanted to keep things as they were at home, until the youngest was aged 18 (in 4 years time). Then, in year four, Student 2 becomes debt free, and mortgage free, giving up the day job they dislike and living the life of dreams from then on.

The side-line business is sold in retirement for £2.5m. The difference in net worth at age 90 is £2,750,000 better off.

In both cases remember – no financial products were sold. I’m not a product salesman. I leave that to your product sales people. Anyway, 95% of stuff you can do yourself these days. I show you how to DIY the 95% on Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp, if that’s needed.

There were THREE people who took to the stage at the last ‘Born to Be’ at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate in March. The third, Student 3, decided to defer their decision to start working with me by six months. So, I don’t have their details.

Note: deferring start could cost thousands of pounds per month in the cash flow analysis. This time next year you may wish you had started today.

So, what’s your ‘Before and After’?

Is it worth you taking a couple of hours on a Sunday morning to find out more?

It’s absolutely FREE and you get refreshments included.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your place today.

Book your ticket for: ‘Born to Be’ at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate on Sunday 23rd June.


For further information see http://www.aolp.co.uk.

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  1. I blog frequenrly and I seriously thank you for your content.
    The rticle has truly peaked my interest. I will book mark your blog and keep checking for new details about once a week.

    I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

  2. Thank you. Much appreciated. I will attempt to add weekly. Your Money or Your Life is a broad topic. The articles will vary from one week to the next. If there’s some topic you’d really find interesting to know more about. Do feel free to drop me a line. All the best.

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