What’s your legacy?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Do you have a cause you support? Would you like to support it more?

Could it be … Mental health awareness? Save the earth? Action for happiness?

Would you like all of your work to be dedicated to supporting that cause, full-time, and you make a decent living from it? After all …

“We are not obliged to follow the work, nor are we free to abandon it.” Old Talmudic saying.

Maybe you don’t think it’s possible. You exchange most of your time to making a living, rather than making a life. Day-in, day-out, doing the same thing. To pay the bills. Just so that when you get those few precious moments free, you can help your cause, or donate money to your cause.

Have you ever stopped to ask, why does life have to be this way? Let’s think outside the box for one minute …

Potentially, you see your work is helping. What you do works. But you could do so much more. You could make an even bigger difference. You could create a bigger, more lasting legacy. If you only had more time. Or if you only had more money. If only …

Why are we limited in our thinking this way? Who is doing the limiting?

Picture this. You find your financial freedom in a few years from now, so you can spend the rest of your life doing what you love and supporting the cause you are passionate about, full-time and sustainably; such that you create a lasting difference in the world, something far bigger than your life, for the benefit of others and future generations.

A true lasting legacy.

I’m sure you would agree, to be full-time in your passion would take a big plan to get you there!

Well that’s what I’m talking about.

Why listen to me?

The financial industry is the least trusted industry in the world. What matters most to customers of this industry matters least to the bankers who run it. And that is, Trust!

And, money’s pretty important … right?

It was November 2011, I was waiting in the meeting room on level 41 of the HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf. It was a bit like the room in the Apprentice TV series.

In walks David. One of those smart, slick City bankers.

“Steve, the board have decided and their decision is final. They’ve rejected your proposal to create a trusted adviser. We’re going to lay them all off instead. Focus the marketing budget on lending for the next decade. That’s where the profits are. Obviously, it’s the right decision. All the banks are doing it. If you don’t like it … you can leave.”

In an instant, 95% of the population were underserved by the wealth industry. Sentenced to a lifetime of debt and work slavery, kept a few pay-cheques from the breadline just to service short-term shareholder profits and banker bonuses. The average unsecured debt is today half annual pay!

To me … that’s terrifying!

So, to my cause – to free the population from the grip of greedy bankers and to restore trust and confidence in a new, necessary financial industry; through helping people escape and campaigning for greater market integrity and transparency. All this in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with particular emphasis on eliminating poverty (1) and reducing inequality (10).

My journey these past seven years has been tough and challenging, battling alone in a material world with a not so material agenda; as a full-time and independent campaigner for the more mindful use of capital resources to improve social justice and care for our planet.

By developing the trusted adviser model, I have designed The Game Plan. This is a life and money planning tool that has helped hundreds of people, just like you, to escape the rat-race and follow their heart on similar journeys to mine – to be the change they want to see in the world.

I tell my story and their stories in my book, Your Money or Your Life – Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life. I also tell it at my free events, Born to Be: The change you want to see in the world.

Today, I am an award-winning global ambassador for greater integrity and transparency in the financial industry. In February 2018, I even presented to parliamentarians in the houses of parliament; resulting in the establishment of an All-Party Parliamentary Group to look at Financial Stability: What lessons have been learnt 10 years on from the global banking crisis.

This is what I have done. What can you do?

How can what I have learnt help you to dedicate your knowhow to making the world a better place to live? To create your lasting legacy? For that cause, your cause, the one you are interested in supporting. Your calling!

It’s important because you were born for a reason, at this very moment in time. You have a God-given gift. Your purpose is to use that gift in the service of others. And, the world needs that right now.

It’s important because society limits us, numbs us, divides us, has us fighting one another; as in unity and awareness we find the opportunity to change the world.

Now is the time, as we are facing a global humanitarian and ecological crisis. It is in the hands of those alive today to determine how this pans out.

Now is the time, as we live in the age of information. You can take your knowhow and help others. You will be paid for your service. The more you can help, the more you are paid. You not only make a living, you make a life. Yours!

So, what’s your cause? What’s your mission … should you choose to accept it?

And, will you decide today – to learn more about how to turn your cause into your life purpose?

What’s stopping you …

Whose wrath do you fear? Is it the bankers?

Go ahead right now, click on the links below …

You can order my book here (£11.99 plus postage) https://www.academyoflifeplanning.com/shop/

You can order FREE tickets to attend my event here https://www.academyoflifeplanning.com/contact-us/booking-form/

You can book a FREE strategy call with me to discuss personal coaching here


You can find out more about SDGs here


Find out more about the Transparency Taskforce here https://www.transparencytaskforce.org/

Steve Conley, Your Money or Your Life planner, author and presenter.

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