Financial Planning for Tech-Savvy Millennials: The Future of Wealth Management

Are you a millennial seeking a financial solution that fits your tech-savvy lifestyle? With over £50 trillion poised to be inherited by your generation, it’s crucial to find a way to effectively manage your wealth. In this blog, we’ll discuss the challenges millennials face in financial planning and provide an innovative solution to meet the needs of this tech-savvy and independent generation.

The Challenges of Financial Planning for Millennials

Gone are the days of delegating financial planning to a financial advisor. With the rise of technology and the increasing financial literacy of millennials, many are seeking digital solutions to manage their finances. However, traditional financial planning methods are often expensive, costing thousands of pounds each year, making them inaccessible to most of the population.

Moreover, the next generation is not inclined to delegate their finances to someone else. They are tech-savvy and independent, seeking ways to take control of their investments, conduct their own research, and set well-being targets. This is where the need for innovative financial planning solutions arises.

Introducing HapNav: The Financial Planning App for Tech-Savvy Millennials

At Adviceonly Financial Planner, we understand the unique financial needs of millennials and have developed a range of services to meet those needs. Our flagship product, HapNav, is a financial planning app that allows you to easily track your progress and monitor your finances, all for just £6.99 per month.

For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, we offer our DIY Workstation for £19 per month, which includes HapNav, a financial education content library, email Q&A service with experts, access to a private Facebook group, and a copy of our book, “Your Money or Your Life.” Plus, for just £49 per month, you can have all that and a one-hour Zoom call with a financial expert every six months.

Become Your Own Financial Planner

At Advice-only Financial Planner, we believe everyone can take care of their finances with the right support. That’s why we provide affordable access to financial experts without the influence of product salespeople. Our advice-only services are designed to help you become your own financial planner.

In conclusion, as a tech-savvy and financially conscious millennial, you understand the importance of managing your wealth effectively. With HapNav and our DIY Workstation, you can take control of your finances and become your own financial planner. To find out more about our services, visit our website at

Do you have personal experience in financial planning as a millennial? Share your story in the comments below. Let’s start a conversation and help each other grow our financial literacy!

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