The Great Journey

You sit facing the direction of the compass point as you meditate. It is useful if you do this as you complete the GAME Plan stages for that direction.


1.       The Path of Wisdom: This is about accessing the innate supportive knowledge which is in all things. This path is one of acceptance and silence, for true wisdom is not proclaimed by its finder but cherished and contemplated. Explore this pathway when you are in ignorance and darkness.

Contemplative Pathway: (North/ Winter/ Earth):

You arrive at an island whereon is a feasting hall: within is the head of Bran the Blessed, the great noble lord of the Raven. Any who may wish may enter here and listen to him recounting story after story, for he is a great source of traditional wisdom. Sit down before him and listen to his tales; these may supply the help or direction you seek. If Bran ceases to speak, other ancestors may take up the story you need to hear.

2.       The Path of Inspiration: When stale and lacking in desire, explore this pathway to re-discover and re-kindle your inner light of passion and inspiration.

Contemplative Pathway: (N.E./ Use taste and smell):

Come to the cave wherein is Ceridwen (keridwen), the goddess of the Cauldron.  The lunar goddess. White dress. Barley coloured hair. If you ask for a draught from the vessel, beware, you will never be the same again. She may ask you to serve her in some way in return for this privilege. Drink and follow the images, shapeshifting if necessary to keep up with them.

3.       The Path of Purpose: Find your direction and life purpose. This is about new beginnings, hopes and entering into things for the first time. This is essentially the path of child who views everything with a fresh perspective. Explore the pathway when you need to find your way, at the beginning of your journey.

.Contemplative Pathway: (East/ Springtime/ Air):

You arrive at an island where there is a castle; within is Olwen, Lady of Flowers, sitting in her garden. She is young and beautiful, and understands about the nature and restrictions and the need for freedom. Ask for her advice. She rises. Follow her. In every footprint she leaves a three-petalled flower. See where she leads you. Remember your journey and return.


4.       The Path of Strength: This is about building confidence and beauty. This is self-awareness and skilful use of talents. Strength is often confused with aggression because we experience very few strong people in the world. This is the pathway of warrior, who acts as a guardian and defender of freedoms. Follow the sense of feeling, knowing the true balance of the body with the spirit. Explore this pathway when you feel weak or disempowered. This is the pathway of overcoming obstacles.

Contemplative practice: (S.E./ Use feeling and touch.):

You find a dip in the hills and nestling between it is the entrance to a forge where Gofannon the blacksmith is working. He is powerful. A stockily built man wearing a leather apron over his clothes. Go within and ask for help. He will make a weapon, a piece of armour or amulet that will give you strength in return for your work in his smithy. Listen to his advice for he is a man of strength.

5.       The Path of Transition: This is about accessing your power and purpose. It is very much the path of applying your potential gifts and about the discovery of self-knowledge. This is the pathway of the young adult who steps over the threshold on a quest to find the meaning and purpose of life. Explore this pathway when you need to learn a new skill, when to find an effective means of practice, or when you are facing difficult opponents.

Contemplative practice: (South/ Summer/ Fire):

You travel on the ocean to an island whereon is Scathach, the warrior-woman who trains potential heroes and heroines. She will challenge you to come ashore and you may wrestle with her and find yourself swiftly on the ground. Get up and ask her help in training. She has the ability to teach you the salmon-leap, to pass over difficulties with agility and skill, by crossing a narrow bridge that lies before you. When you are proficient you can follow her over the bridge to another part of your training.


6.       The Path of Insight: This is concerned with balance and the ability to make connections and find deeper knowledge; to be receptive and open; the gifts of maturity. This is the pathway of the ruler who balances the realm with insight and compassion. The ruler follows the intuitive sense of hearing so as not to miss the promptings which emulate from Mother Earth. Explore this path when you need balance, insight or healing; let it lead your mind to the heart of love.

Contemplative practice: (S.W/ Use hearing to guide you):

You walk to the sea front; there take a ship until you come to the entrance to the undersea realm of Manannan, god of the sea. Go beneath the waves with ease and come to his hall. Ask for his help: he will set you to search under the sea for the pearl which will bring you back into balance once again. The pearl is tuned to a certain note which you may distinguish as a chant or call. Listen to its wisdom and become attuned once more.

7.       The Path of Understanding: This is about assimilation, fulfilment and desire. It is the path of the mature adult who seeks to live responsibly and brings healing, to find enlightenment and to become more deeply human. Explore this pathway when you need to understand how best to act when problems become overwhelming, where peace is needed, where desires are out of control.

Contemplative practice: (West/ Autumn/ Water):

You come to an island full of apple orchards where you encounter Morgen, the queen of Avalon. She is a guardian and healer. She will invite you to listen to the birds singing at twilight and you may rest in the orchard, taking a healing sleep. Remember the images of your dream and use them to solve your problem. Morgen will interpret your dream if you ask her.


8.       The Path of Cleansing: This is about self-clarification and true sight. The other name for the pathway is the ‘first death’, and it often serves as an important part in the development of the apprentice, cleansing and purifying whenever necessary. This act of reprocessing has to occur in all spiritual experience and it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is the pathway of the traveller who follows intuition to perceive the heart of all things. Explore this pathway when truth and justice are needed, or when you require purification to undertake a particular kind of work.

Contemplative practice: (N.E. / use sight to guide you):

You descend into the Cauldron of Rebirth: place whatever part of you that needs treatment into it, and see what bobs up from the cauldron in its place. This may appear in symbolic form. Take it forth and place it upon your body, allowing the symbol to pass within you.

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