Planning Lives: How to help people make a living from home.

Topic: How I made a living at home by planning other people’s lives – and ended up helping others to make a living at home. These Lessons Are Highly Applicable in Today’s Times…
The Book: Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life.
The Guide: 8 Steps to Your Plan B
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So, what’s in this book and free guide?

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Well, here’s the back story – In 2012 – I gave up my day job to become a planner, working from home. For eight years I’ve made a living from it. Now I not only help others, I also help others learn how to help others. So, they too can make a living as a life & money planner, working from home.

Today, if you look at what’s happening in the World – everyone could do with some life & money planning during these tough times. But, UNLIKE any other time, it’s far worse. It’s so tough out there and many are losing their jobs. Meaning there’s huge demand for people to learn how to make a living by working from home.

For the last eight years, I’ve had enough money coming in every month – regardless of how good or bad the economy is. And, the money is still coming in whilst we’re all having to work from home. How? Well, my plan was to work from home helping other people plan … and now I help others … to help other people plan. So, they can have money still coming in whilst working from home.

I Focus on Planning Life and Money for people who want planning, and for people who want to learn how to plan others.

For me, I’ve been teaching the same thing now since 2012 – planning people and planning the planner. It’s the #1 way to build your life and money.  For me, it’s also an insurance policy. So, today, even though we’re stuck in our homes and so many are struggling, IF you could build your life and money by helping other people build theirs – your entire story can be very different coming out of this…

So, I’ve Written a BOOK! It Reveals How I Used planning to help people with their life and money … It’s 155 pages and it explains exactly how to use planning to build a life and build money.  It’s a 4-step system and I continue to use it every single day. We have hundreds of clients who have been through this book too.

Here’s a few things… The book released last year… It’s available on Amazon or from my website I reveal the secrets the banks didn’t want me to share… I give you 4 steps to use… This is THE #1 way to plan your life and money – period.

So, all you have to do right now to start your plan is… Go To This Page – Fill In Your Information & Download Your Guide!    
How to Get This Book?
Order this book, or
Just download the free guide ‘8 Steps to Your Plan B’ and all new entrants that week will be entered into a prize draw and one will be drawn at random who will get the book for Free! 

Simple 4-Step System How to build a life and build money with a plan.

#1 Source for Building Your Money or Your Life – The only source you really need today to start building your money or your life!
This is going to be a VERY fun read, lots to reveal, don’t miss it!  
FREE Guide + Book – Creating Life & Money >>
Enjoy the read!  Steve Conley CEO/Founder – Academy of Life Planning
P.S. – When life pushes you, push it back!   

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